#ElisacoSunday No. 1: Bringing creative passion to life - The Satorialist


Blogger Scott Schumann, aka, The Sartorialist, shares photos from his Visual Life with 70,000 readers a day. In this film by Intel, get a sneak peek into the man behind the lens and how technology plays a pivotal role in bringing his passion to life.


Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
— Albert Einstein

It's no secret I love fashion and Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist, is one of my favourite photographers. The Sartorialist is a well known street-style blog that I've been following for over ten years. To this day I remain in awe of the way Schumann's captures fashion around the world.

As a hobby photographer myself, Schumann's work has always inspired me and few years ago when I came across the short documentary Scott did with Intel for their Visual Life series, I became inspired in a whole new way. The video came at a time in my life when I felt stuck. I wanted to start something new but I didn't know how. I was trying to balance my desire to dive right in with the the familiar narrative of 'needing' more formal education and training before I could begin.

Formal training is a path to getting towards a destination but it's not the only path. Schumann's story served as an inspirational reminder that I needed to trust myself, start with intention and just let things happen. A reminder to go out in to the world and fall in love with it. Be seduced by it. Not overthink it. To be in the world that I'm in; See it, relate to it and react to it. Not having formal training wasn't necessarily going to be a set back. I didn't know everything when I started but I knew enough. This documentary shifted my journey towards  instinctively finding my voice, learning my strengths and leaning into those strengths to move myself forward. I was learning to leave a scarcity mindset behind work from a place of abundance.


"My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped and really just made me refine what little I knew to make it work. I think if you ask any other person who does a creative thing, they probably go to school and learn all these different things and as they get better it just narrows and narrows. You can ask most Chefs and they would need five ingredients, one pan, and a stick of butter and they could make the best meal you’ve ever had. I think that’s really where most [creatives] would like to get to - not to have all that other stuff… "

Scott SchumannThe Sartorialist


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